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The Secret to New Year's Resolution Success

Los Altos, CA – (January 12, 2009) – Eat healthier. Stop overspending. Spend more time with family. Every year, Americans make a batch of resolutions for the upcoming year and every year they fall off the resolution bandwagon a few weeks later.

Clients of MagicKitchen.com find that resolutions are easier to stick by thanks to the company’s meal delivery service. Their offerings of chef-prepared frozen meals and meal bundles can help Americans achieve their resolutions whether they are looking to embrace a low fat, low calorie diet or to streamline meal preparation and dedicate more time to their career or family. “MagicKitchen.com offers customers a meal delivery service with great depth and variety, and in doing so caters to a wide range of individual goals this time of year,” says Michelle Tayler, President of MagicKitchen.com.

MagicKitchen.com customers find success with such resolutions as:

  • Focus on the Important Things in Life: Individuals looking to spend more time focusing on their career or on spending quality family time can use MagicKitchen.com’s services to free up the blocks of time they previously spent planning, shopping for, and preparing meals.

  • Save More: Americans who spend a bundle eating out and on the run can achieve their goal to cut food expenses by ordering budget-friendly meals from MagicKitchen.com. Those who order flavorful meals and bundles to enjoy at home will discover more money left over in their wallets at the end of the week.

  • Eat A Healthier Diet: From Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast to Red Snapper in a Mediterranean Sauce, chefs at MagicKitchen.com have come up with a rich menu of healthy, yet tasty options that make eating a balanced diet possible this year. The meals are nutritionally balanced and can help clients control their calorie intake; the company also offers healthy meal options through a number of sister web sites, including www.MKMeals.com and www.DiabeticMealPrograms.com.

  • Make Mealtime More Interesting: MagicKitchen.com and MKMeals.com’s diverse menus include more than 110 meals to choose from, making them a great resource for individuals looking to bring a bit of excitement back to the dinner table with new ethnic dishes such as vegetarian-friendly Santa Cruz Gardein Vegetable Enchiladas and regional specialties like a Louisiana-style Jambalaya with Chicken Sausage & Brown Rice.

  • Help Family Members: For family members who’ve made a commitment to better serve the needs of parents and aging relatives this year, MagicKitchen.com’s service can help them provide the kind of gourmet meals they hope to feed them this year. Doing so will ensure those individuals eat properly and stay healthy through 2009.

Whatever the goal this New Year, MagicKitchen.com is ready and willing to help customers reach their goals with ease and while still enjoying great food.

About MagicKitchen.com – MagicKitchen.com is a rapidly growing web-based company that offers a full menu of chef prepared gourmet meals delivered to the client’s door nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Founded in 2005, MagicKitchen.com has been revolutionizing the way busy Americans eat with hand prepared gourmet meals.  MagicKitchen.com uses only top quality ingredients that are packaged, flash frozen and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The company also actively participates in community fundraising. Information on the company is available by calling 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442) or visiting www.MagicKitchen.com

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