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MagicKitchen.com offers alternative service to former Home Bistro Customers after Chapter 11 Filing

Los Altos, CA (June 11, 2009) - MagicKitchen.com, a leading provider of frozen, chef-prepared, home-delivered meals has proudly announced their new campaign to assist former customers of (now-bankrupt) Home Bistro with an alternative for frozen meal delivery, here today.

Following the shutdown of Home Bistro’s website after their chapter 11 filing on March 20th, Home Bistro customers had no way of ordering the products they were accustomed to purchasing, and many found that MagicKitchen.com was able to meet or exceed their needs.

One former Home Bistro was quoted as saying, “When Home Bistro’s website closed down, I was frustrated and needed another option for home meal delivery. A quick search online led me to MagicKitchen.com and I was pleased that they could give me the same level of service and quality products I used to get at Home Bistro.”

As such, MagicKitchen.com realized the opportunity and is now working with former Home Bistro customers to meet their needs and requests through a new website, www.HomeBistroCustomers.com. At this website, former Home Bistro customers can get information about Home Bistro’s closure as well as options for their meal-delivery needs that MagicKitchen.com will provide.

Through June 30th, former Home Bistro customers can get free delivery by using the coupon code ” Homebistro” during checkout at MagicKitchen.com

For more information, and ordering, visit www.magickitchen.com, or call 877-516-2442.