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School's Back in Session - September 18, 2008

LOS ALTOS, CA, September 18, 2008 - With fall already underway, parents are remembering all too well the pressures of back to school time. They're expected to attend monthly PTA meetings, provide their children with evening homework help, and spend hours chauffeuring them between their classrooms and afterschool activities. Additionally, they have to get dinner on the table.

Fortunately, time-strapped parents wanting to serve wholesome meals to their families no longer need to stress about meal preparation. MagicKitchen.com has created a solution with their chef-prepared meal delivery service. Their nationwide service provides main courses, side dishes, soups, desserts, and meal bundles that make serving delicious meals possible this busy autumn season - without any shopping, cooking, or clean up required.

Parents can source reliable stand-ins for busy nights, like lean and savory beef strips simmered in a mild teriyaki sauce. For chilly autumn nights, they can order comfort food like MagicKitchen.com's Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce, or serve steaming bowls of their legendary Broccoli, Mushroom & Zucchini Soup. Finally, they can use MagicKitchen.com's more inventive dishes to introduce something new or exotic to their children's palates. Consider a Jambalaya with Chicken Sausage & Brown Rice or a side dish of Saffron Rice for such a purpose.

Likewise, parents who've just sent their kids off to college no longer have to worry about their eating habits. Whether their kids are attending college in state or across the country, parents can utilize MagicKitchen.com's meal delivery service to make certain their freezers are stocked with nutritionally sound meals. From Almond-Crusted Salmon to savory Santa Cruz Gardein Vegetable Enchiladas, MagicKitchen.com meals will remind students of home - and supply them with hot meals outside of that college standby: delivered pizza pies.
MagicKitchen.com offers a full menu of Gourmet frozen meals delivered to their clientele's door. Founded in 2005, they have revolutionized the way busy Americans eat with chef-prepared frozen meals that offer a variety of delicious, easy-to-prepare gourmet frozen entrees, soups, side dishes, and desserts, and easy meals to suit every taste and dietary need. Their online ordering makes it easy to source delicious low-fat, low-carb, low-sodium and heart-healthy precooked meals.

MagicKitchen.com is headquartered in Los Altos, CA, with kitchen facilities in South San Francisco, Redwood City, Fresno and San Jose. MagicKitchen.com can be contacted by calling 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442), or visiting http://www.MagicKitchen.com.

About MagicKitchen.com

MagicKitchen.com is a rapidly growing web-based company that offers a full menu of Chef Prepared Gourmet Meals delivered to your door nation-wide including Alaska and Hawaii. Founded in 2005, MagicKitchen.com has been revolutionizing the way busy Americans eat, with hand prepared Gourmet meals. MagicKitchen.com uses only top quality ingredients that are packaged, flash frozen and delivered to the customer's doorstep. The company actively participates in community fundraising. MagicKitchen.com can be contacted by calling 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442) or visiting http://www.MagicKitchen.com.

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