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TV viewers survey prepared meals

MagicKitchen.com’s new MK Meals(now Complete Meals) line meets customers’ nutritional & health needs.

Los Altos resident Greg Miller fielded nearly 80 orders a week at his three-year-old prepared-food business, MagicKitchen.com last month. But suddenly, business became harried. Two back-to-back appearances on national television led to a spurt of orders, 450 in the first hectic week. The attention hasn’t gone as quickly as it came – Miller reported that business has steadied out at about 300 orders per week. And the orders don’t commission just one meal – they include 10 to 15 meals per customer. Miller uses contract kitchens to prepare the meals, so he said the company was easily able to expand to meet the increase in orders.

MagicKitchen first received a mention on ABC’s “The View” during a program about lifestyle secrets of the rich in New York, when a concierge service that frequently refers customers to Miller profiled his product on-air. He was asked to come back the following week for a program about food-delivery diets.

While the attention has been good for business, Miller said his gourmet dinners were not designed to compete with weight-loss-specific plans.

To see a clip of the show on his Web site, visit www.magickitchen.com.