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Independent Living Systems Announces Distribution Agreement with MagicKitchen.com October 8, 2008

MagicKitchen.com’s new MK Meals(now Complete Meals) line meets customers’ nutritional & health needs.

 Miami, FL - October 10, 2008 -In an exciting development in the meal delivery industry, Independent Living Systems LLC has partnered with MagicKitchen.com, a leading online retail marketer of home-style, chef-prepared gourmet meals. Previously, Independent Living Systems focused their business on selling their meals and programs exclusively to the healthcare sector. The new agreement maintains that the company will distribute their full line of healthy meals to MagicKitchen.com for sale to the public sector as well.

The meals will be added to an existing lineup of healthy, nutritious meals that Northern California based MagicKitchen.com sells online and through their call center. Since their inception in 2005, MagicKitchen.com has focused on providing healthy, nutritious meals that serve seniors still living by themselves as well as busy families struggling to find time to prepare nutritious healthy meals. "As the MagicKitchen.com customer base grew, we found that we were asked more and more frequently to offer meals to people with special diets and special needs. Our agreement with Independent Living Systems is very exciting as it opens more avenues to assist our core customer base with their meals," says Michelle Tayler, President of MagicKitchen.com.

These new, healthy meal offerings were specifically designed by Independent Living System's in-house nutritionists for diabetic diets, low sodium and low sugar (carbohydrate) diets, patients with congestive heart failure, and individuals who struggle to maintain a healthy diet and weight. "We have had great success with this meal program and we have a 96% plus satisfaction rating with the meals in this program," says chairman and CEO of Independent Living Systems LLC, Nestor Plana.

Now offered through MagicKitchen.com, the meals will help individuals in need find viable meal options that are flavorful and yet still meet their dietary needs whether they are diabetic or simply looking to improve their health. "MagicKitchen.com is extremely excited by the opportunity to work with Independent Living Systems as they have an excellent product and there is huge potential for these meal options all across the US," stated Greg Miller, CEO of MagicKitchen.com.

The meal program can be viewed via a link to MagicKitchen.com's sister website www.DiabeticMealPrograms.com. Additional websites will be put in service to sell these products in the coming months.


About Independent Living Systems LLC - Independent Living Systems ("ILS"), founded in 2001, is a Management Services Company focused on introducing managed care concepts to the delivery of long term care and to administering services to populations with chronic care and other special needs. ILS provides services to over 41,000 Special Needs clients and 18,000 pediatric patients in the State of Florida. As a direct result of ILS' work with special needs patients ILS developed ILSmeals, a Nutrition and Meals Services Program for MA-PD and Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP). This program includes nutritional assessments and diet planning with a line of meals suitable for anyone in need of a well balanced and healthy diet. ILSmeals distributes over 20,000 meals on a daily basis throughout the state of Florida and nationwide. The ILS call center is staffed with licensed nutritionists who are able to assist clients with diet and meal planning. Information on the company is available by calling 1-800-460-7176 or visiting www.ILSmeals.com.

About MagicKitchen.com - MagicKitchen.com is a rapidly growing web-based company that offers a full menu of chef prepared gourmet meals delivered to client's door nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Founded in 2005, MagicKitchen.com has been revolutionizing the way busy Americans eat with hand prepared gourmet meals. MagicKitchen.com uses only top quality ingredients that are packaged, flash frozen and delivered to the customer's doorstep. The company also actively participates in community fundraising. Information on the company is available by calling 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442) or visiting www.MagicKitchen.com. The company contact is Greg Miller, CEO of MagicKitchen.com, who can be reached at Greg@MagicKitchen.com or 650-941-2260.

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