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Healthy Meal Programs


Getting delicious cooked meals delivered to your home has never been easier. Now there are two ways to set up a Meal Program for your A la Carte or Special Diet Meals.

    thinking about a meal program
  • Set up an Auto-Ship Meal Program and have us send you meals weekly, every two weeks or Monthly without having to place your own orders.
  • There are no contracts to sign and we take care of the delivery! (call for details-877-516-2442)
  • A simple, cost effective way to keep you or a close family member/friend eating healthy.
  • For regular orders placed every 30 days or less and at $125 or more, we take care of the delivery for you.
  • A great way to save on regular orders. Call to speak with us to set up a Meal Program. Toll Free 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442)

With meal programs, there are discounts on each order.  Start a meal program and the first order delivery charge is on us!

Meal Program Samples:

Here are some sample programs to provide ideas on meals and pricing:

Low Sodium - Diabetic - Senior Complete Meal Program – 1 person:

  • 1-Complete Meal per day (lunch or dinner):                                        ~$80-$85/week
  • 2-Complete Meals per day (breakfast OR lunch plus dinner):       ~$155-$170/week
  • 3-Complete Meals per day (Breakfast lunch & Dinner):                  ~$235-$250/week
  • Complete Meal average cost of $12 can be used to calculate costs for 3 days a week, 5 days a week, etc. 
  • No Contract required!!  Purchase when and what you want OR contact us to set up regular order if you want to. 
  • No assembly required! Meals are ready for re-heating.
  • Choose your Meals.
  • Free shipping on first orders of $100 – use promo code first.
  • Free shipping on orders of $125+ within 30 days of prior order.

complete meals- meal programs

  • We always recommend that you order a variety of meals to start so you know what your particular palate will enjoy.
  • After this initial order, we discuss in detail with you what foods on our full menu that you want, foods you don't want, allergies, favorites, goals related to eating such as losing weight, etc.
  • Then MagicKitchen.com builds a rotation of menus based on your tastes & needs, and sends them to you on your schedule.
  • We check in with you periodically to make sure that everything received meets your fancy. Any changes needed in your custom meal plan are made promptly.
  • We guarantee our meals, so anything you try and don't like is replaced at no cost or your money is refunded.
  • Going on vacation, or meals are building up? No problem, ask us to stop sending for a few weeks.
  • See our Product Demo Video! Click here!

lemon rosemary porkIt is the most flexible meal delivery service available, and we just don't believe in signing customers up with contracts.  Our food is good enough to keep you coming back without having you sign a long term contract!

Call us to toll-free to discuss your options: 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442)

  • Variety is important. Sometimes we encourage you to have a second source for meals in conjunction with ours. We encourage you to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and salads along with our meals. 
  • Just as important is managing any allergies or nutritional concerns with your diet. Let us know if your doctor makes any dietary recommendations for you.
  • We ship Monday through Friday for orders with one day delivery, Monday through Thursday for orders with two day delivery and Monday through Wednesday for orders with three day delivery.  Your orders will generally ship out on Monday for arrival on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Just ask us or see our delivery page for details.
  • The meals arrive frozen, and will be left at the door if no-one is home. Please advise us if the recipient will need help getting the cooler inside the home.
  • Our meals are all marked with WeightWatcher's PlusPoints for your convenience.

Meal Program Testimonials:


"I received my 1st meal order from MagicKitchen.com. Based on what I have tasted of the meals so far, I know that I will enjoy the remaining dishes. Greg was so patient with me and was very helpful to me in selecting the best meal plan."
~Maxine B.

chicken artichoke

"The food was fresh and delicious. I did not even pay attention to what I grabbed out of my freezer for lunch or dinner because I knew it was going to be perfect. It was colorful and tasty. I especially liked that there we no preservatives used in the products."
~ Sandi D.

"I've ordered quite a bit from online food delivery services for my college-age daughter with food allergies, but yours has been the best. We've been impressed with the quality of food and packaging, as well the timeliness of the deliveries. My daughter loves the food and tells me that the food tastes fresh, and the meat is very tasty and tender. We will be ordering again! Thanks so much!!"
~Alecia P.