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Low Sodium Meals Delivered

Chicken ana Luisa, a Low Sodium Meal
Chicken ana Luisa - Low Sodium that tastes great!
MagicKitchen.com offers low-sodium meals Delivered nationwide. Our heart-smart low-sodium meals prove that food doesn't need to be loaded with salt to taste great. Look for this icon:

MagicKitchen.com Low Sodium Meals - Low Sodium Meals For people that are on low sodium or reduced sodium diets. Both our A la Carte menu and our Special diet menu provide healthy low sodium meals for people on a restricted low sodium diet.

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"I send my Mom your Diabetic low sodium meals to entice her to eat- And it has worked! She enjoys the meals and portions are perfect. Thank you!! "~Irene C.


"I sent my Dad 5 meals. He loved everyone of them except for Salmon. He just does not care for Salmon so it was not the meal that was the problem. The joy he received when he was surprised by the box of meals was priceless. It was packaged excellent and they arrived in top shape and frozen hard. The portions were excellent and the overall taste just really thrilled him and gave him a change to his everyday menu. The best part for me was knowing they were low sodium and would not cause him health problems that high sodium foods cause. Thank you for also being so easy to order and such a large selection."
~Gwen B.


"Your meals sound wonderful. I ordered them for my father because he was put on a low sodium diet. Although his meals sound delicious to me, he's complained daily because they NEED SALT!! Now, how stupid is that? He's fought us all the way with this low sodium thing. He's 94 and very difficult to get along with. He said he will probably order more meals from you, but not the low sodium ones. My daughter and I think they would be great. Your meals have had great reviews from my uncle and my cousin. My dad is very enthusiastic about the raspberry/rhubarb pie. What can one do? I will order more from you most definitely...for others! "
~Marjorie E.