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Frozen Meals for Dialysis Patients

Chicken & Apple Curry With Jasmine Rice & Broccoli
Chicken & Apple Curry With Jasmine Rice & Broccoli
When I'm tired, sick or overworked, I love having some already-cooked frozen meals in the fridge. In fact, when I recently had a hip replacement, my partner and I filled the freezer with good meals before we left for the hospital.

The question is, what about patients on dialysis? This ongoing treatment is time-consuming and often exhausting. But dialysis patients pick up and carry on with their lives, earning my profound respect. If only there were some easy frozen meals for dialysis patients, to fill their freezers, help them eat right, and give them a break from keeping up to the kidney diet requirements.

The good news is, there is such a service! Greg Miller of MagicKitchen.com has been sending out frozen meals that are ideal for a dialysis diet for several years now. The meals contain a main dish and two side dishes, and follow the recommendations for a dialysis diet.

The dietary guidelines for dialysis can seem overwhelmingly intricate. As a general rule, you'll want to:

  1. Cut back on sodium.
  2. Lower both Potassium and Phosphorus in your diet. Foods to avoid are Cheese, Chocolate, Cream, Dried beans and peas, Green beans, wax beans, Sorbet, sherbet, popsicles, Milk
    Nuts, Low-salt snack foods including pretzels,tortilla chips, popcorn, crackers, Sun ChipsĀ®, Peanut butter (list from DaVita.com).
  3. Eat more high-quality proteins like chicken breast, lean meats, fish. You'll want to eat 8 ounces of lean protein per day.

Chicken Parmigiana, Rice & Carrots
Chicken Parmigiana, Rice & Carrots
When you're busy, tired or both, having MagicKitchen.com's complete frozen dialysis meals on hand can ensure you eat right, with minimal effort on your part. The meals also are available in seven-bundle packages, which is helpful if you don't know which to select. If you like the meals and want them to keep arriving, talk to the customer service reps at 877-516-2442. There are no contracts, nothing to sign, and they will keep your personal preferences on file. If you don't like broccoli, they'll keep it out of your meals.

In addition, for regular orders placed every 30 days or less and at $125 or more, MagicKitchen.com offers free delivery.

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