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Diabetes Meal Plan Delivery

A diabetes meal plan is a tool that allows you to determine what you are going to eat and when. Your meal plan for diabetics can help you manage your meals, snacks, and beverages while taking into account your eating practices and daily schedule. MagicKitchen.com can help, with diabetic meals that are flash-frozen, arrive at your door, and can be put into the freezer for use whenever you need a tasty diabetic meal.

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There are a lot of methods available to help those with diabetes control their diets. Some of these include things like using the USDA’s plate method or counting carbs. Others like to focus more on the glycemic index and how foods with a high glycemic index can affect your insulin.

nutritionistWorking with your doctor, a nutritionist, or a diabetes health educator can help you to come up with a meal plan for diabetics. Ideally, a good guide should include reducing calories if you need to lose weight, stabilizing blood glucose, reducing cholesterol, and reducing sodium to lower hypertension or high blood pressure. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, all of these things can be important in helping to manage your diabetes.

Another consideration for the diabetic diet is making sure that meals are very balanced. Sitting down to a meal of just protein or just carbohydrates, for instance, can be problematic for someone with this disease. You have to make sure that meals will not interfere with any insulin or other diabetic medications you may be taking.

seniors joggingFoods also have to provide you with enough energy to be able to exercise. Walking, jogging, swimming, and even playing with your children can all help to stabilize blood glucose levels. It is important that your foods do not leave you feeling bloated or sluggish so that you can actively participate in your life.

Working to control your diabetes with a diabetes meal plan is important to decrease your chances of getting heart disease, cancer, stroke, or some other complication from your disease. While it might seem like there is a lot to keep track of, there are some resources available to help you.

First though, what should be included in your healthy diet? You should consider adding things like fresh vegetables (or frozen with no added salt or sauces), whole grains (100%), fruits (not juices), skim milk and cheese, black beans (low sodium or rinse beans to reduce sodium content), turkey, chicken, and fish.

The key is to include a wide variety of foods at each meal. Having a piece of fish topped with salsa, fresh spinach, and black beans for dinner would be an ideal diabetic meal. Aim for filling half of your plate with fresh vegetables or have a small salad before you begin your meal. Leave off the cheese, bacon, croutons, and fattening ranch dressing.

Do not add a lot of sodium to your meals. Instead use spices like oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, cumin, and fresh garlic to add flavor. Lemon juice and vinegar are other great flavor enhancers that can be used on a variety of foods. In time you will find that your tastes will change and you will not miss the salt, butter, and cream that once probably covered your foods.

If this all sounds like too much work and hassle, consider using a service that organizes and prepares fresh meal plans for diabetics, like MagicKitchen.com. These companies have talented chefs and nutritionists that can have meals created and sent to your home directly. You will not find anything bland on these menus and they can work with you to find the foods you enjoy eating. Take the time to plan and understand your dietary needs. Doing so can help you control your blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and keep your weight at a healthy level. These things can ensure you will live a complication-free life of health and vitality.

From Linda H., MagicKitchen.com customer: "The new diabetes meal plan is just as delicious as the other ones. The crab cakes were very good. These meals really help me keep to a diabetic diet and are an easy way to get used to my new eating habits. I love having diabetes meal plan delivery!"

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