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Complete Meals from MagicKitchen.com

Let MagicKitchen.com help you in the kitchen! Complete meals from MagicKitchen.com will give you more time to attend to things besides cooking- like spending more time with your family!

Our special packaging goes straight from the freezer into your microwave or oven, then onto your dinner table. After eating, it simply goes straight into the trash - no pots and pans to clean! It doesn’t get any easier than that (or any better tasting!). Check back often, or let us customize a meal plan for you or your elderly relatives. We update our dishes quarterly, so there are always new meals to try.

Our Complete Meals are prepared using select ingredients and proven gourmet recipes. Complete Meals are selected individually (entree, side dishes, soups, desserts) and can each serve up to 2 people. All meals are individually prepared, fully-cooked, delivered frozen, and are ready to heat and serve from your microwave or oven in just minutes.

Reheating instructions come on each package, and are also listed on our website for your convenience. Or request them in large print!

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At MagicKitchen.com we are known for our quality products and exceptional service. For any additional information, feel free to phone us toll free, anytime, at 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442)

Questions? Call us toll-free at 877-516-2442.