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Prepared Meals

chicken ana luisa prepared mealIf you find yourself reaching for fast food more often than not, then our healthy prepared meals are your new lifeline. MagicKitchen.com meals are hand prepared by chefs, then frozen super-fast to keep in all the nutritious goodness. When they arrive at your door, you can put them in the freezer for when you need them, but we know you'll have at least one of the meals for dinner that evening. They are simply too tempting!

They work for lunch or dinner, and come in all different serving sizes, so they work for busy singles, working parents, seniors and new moms. Try our prepared meals out today!

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Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Home

Flatbread- mini pizza prepared mealCheck this out- the meals go into the oven or microwave in the containers they arrive in. You can eat them out of the same containers, but putting the meals on a plate is more appealing for most people. Recycle the containers, and all you have to do for clean-up is put your plate and cutlery in the dishwasher. Perfect.

Our prepared meals are delivered right to your door via Fedex, making life so much easier for you. Check back often, or let us customize a meal plan for you or your elderly relatives. We update our dishes quarterly, so there are always new meals to try.

Busy families and seniors really benefit from our prepared meals. With everyone’s favorite entrees, side dishes and soups ready for you to select you can easily plan family dinners for weeks and even months ahead.

Reheating instructions come on each package, and are also listed on our
website for your convenience. Or request them in large print!

At MagicKitchen.com we are known for our quality products and exceptional service. For any additional information, feel free to phone us toll free, anytime, at 877-51-MAGIC (877-516-2442)

"The crab cakes were delicious. I liked them more than some I have gotten in restaurants. Good choice for me."
~Maggie C.

our prepared meals

The Benefits of Prepared Meals

Most people consider prepared meals a necessity rather than a convenience. This is because they may be living a fast-paced life that does not allow them to get creative with ingredients or they may be too old to take up the challenge of preparing a full, home-cooked meal. Fortunately, MagicKitchen.com is a prepared meal delivery service that focuses on meals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to understand why prepared meals are beneficial for all those that are taking the time to indulge in them. Seniors who are not able to shop or cook benefit from prepared meals, which ensure that they are well-nourished, especially if they suffer from a condition that needs special attention. The lack of proper preparation of meals could be as a result of poor vision, weakness or impairments, therefore, apart from eating healthy, you can be sure that they are also safe. As seniors lose their appetite quickly, it is important to always keep their meals interesting, otherwise, they will completely cut back on eating. Delivered foods always give them the satisfaction that they need in their foods.

Getting the right nutrition to sustain good health is beneficial for those on a busy schedule. As the ultimate prepared food delivery service, MagicKitchen.com ensures that top-quality produce and ingredients are used to prepare meals. Despite the fact that busy people do not have time to prepare home-cooked meals, they still get the nutrients that they need through the amazing prepared meals.

Spending time cooking meals home is stressful after a tiresome day, prepared meals give those who are busy the comfort of knowing that someone else is doing all the work for them and they can alleviate their stress levels. This also relieves family caregivers from the burden of constant meal preparation, allowing them to focus on handling their daily needs. The elderly and those who are suffering from different illnesses may have an intestinal aversion to particular foods. Therefore, it may be hard to prepare the meals as per the guidelines. Meal delivery services ensure that every nutrient and/or calorie is accounted for, therefore, those benefiting from such services will find it easy to keep all of their conditions under control.

Prepared meals are also more affordable than what we get from local eateries and restaurants. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars ordering meals from expensive menus, a fully prepared meal enables those who subscribe to the services to save a good amount of money. Busy people do not have to spend endless of hours looking for nutritious recipes, with just a simple click of the mouse, they can enjoy healthy meal deliveries.

Sustaining good health can only be achieved through a balanced schedule. Many people do not take meal preparation seriously. Therefore, well prepared meals help to fight illnesses and malnutrition by providing regular balanced diets for all those who have unhealthy eating habits.