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Diabetic Meals

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We have two options for fully cooked, delivered diabetic meals.  In option one, the meals are complete meals with a main course and 2 side dishes. These come in packs of 7 meals.

diabetic mealis low sodium, low carb and also has portion control (the 3 critical components of a good diabetic meal plan). Most importantly, they have tons of flavor!

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Option 2 is the diabetic meals section of our home-style menu, for those who only want to order a few special meals from time to time. These diabetic meal plans contain meals like Beef Bordelaise, Filet Mignon and Vegetable Stew. All meals are low sodium and low carb and have lower portion control for those special occasions.

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What Do You Need out of Diabetic Meals?

Diabetic meals have to be made with very special considerations to support your dietary needs. Your dietary plans for diabetes control have to be used carefully to keep your blood sugar levels under control. In fact, many diabetic meals can make it a little easier for you to stay healthy.

The first key for planning diabetic meals is to divide your meals up between several parts. These include individual parts dedicated to non-starchy vegetables. A section with non-starchy vegetables has to be used so you can get the fiber you need without adding more carbohydrates to your diet than needed. The use of leafy greens is always a positive option.

A healthy meat product should be used in a diabetic meal. This can include something like chicken that does not have the skin attached to it or fish. A lean cut of meat should also be used. These have to be made with low amounts of fat and with less than ten grams of carbohydrates for every hundred grams that you consume. The key is to support your carbohydrate intake to keep your foods from being too hard to consume.

Starches may be used in some of your meals. However, it is best to avoid using starches in more than a quarter of your meal. Using too many starches could be harmful due to the carbohydrates. However, some of these starches have to work out well in your diet if you are going to get the fiber that you need. Therefore, you should stick with whole grains, cooked grains and low fat options for these items when finding something suitable for your meals.

The use of starches is all made with the intention of making a diabetic meal a little more varied. A good meal has to include all of the key food groups including the vegetable, meat and grain groups. The purpose is to create a well-rounded diet that supports all of the special needs that you have for consuming foods the right way without risking your body.

You have to watch for the sugar contents in meals as well. Meals that have sugars in them could potentially contain alcohols. This might make it harder for you to keep your diet in check.

The last thing to do is to take a look at what standards individual companies have when it comes to marketing diabetic meal delivery.Companies like MagicKitchen.com create a delicious series of diabetic meals that are capable of supporting your diabetic health needs. These include products that have the right nutrients and fewer carbohydrates. The choices you find through these places can vary so you need to compare different places to see what the right solutions for your dietary needs might be.

You have to see what you are getting out of diabetic meals if you are going to find something suitable for your health. Diabetic meals have to be made with plenty of options that are used to keep your body healthy and comfortable.