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Different Kinds of Diets - MagicKitchen.com

Here we give you links to different kinds of diets, and some information on each, for your diet education. We hope you find this helpful!

Healthy Hearts: Healthy Heart DietA quick description of what constitutes a heart-healthy diet.

Choose My Plate - The USDA site for planning your diet, including the SuperTracker.

PKU Diet - For those with Phenylketonuria.

Diet Success - An article from Harvard illustrating the best way to succeed on a diet.

Joslin Diabetes Center- Strategies for successful eating with Diabetes(and also look to your left for diabetic friendly meal choices)

Diet for Renal Patient - a detailed discussion on the best foods for renal patients, and why. (again, MagicKitchen.com has renal meals for delivery)

Gluten Free Diet - Diet information for those in need of a gluten-free diet.

Dietary Requirements of a Medieval Peasant - this is a fascinating page showing the diet and exercise of a medieval peasant, compared to modern standards. The peasant wins, although their life expectancy was shorter for other reasons such as lack of medical care.

Hollywood 48-hour Diet - analyzes and criticizes this "Miracle Diet".

Weight Loss Diet Books - analyzes and discusses various diet books.